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An Online Gathering Place™ is a powerful concept that brings together the best online resources available and puts them together where they can be used by your family to collaborate on family history efforts! It's crucial to have an online venue where family members can easily upload and access ancestor histories, tag photos, view birth, death, and census records, peruse books, and find pedigree information!

An Online Gathering Place™ brings ancestors to life, by putting family information in a place where it can be easily shared, accessed, and enjoyed! Visit our faqs pages to see an example of an Online Gathering Place™ and to find out how your family can use an Online Gathering Place™ as a tool to expand what you know about your ancestors!!

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"Mike Huntsman's projects are consistently well thought out and appropriate for each client. His Internet programs are easy to navigate, yet include the essential functionality and features visitors intuitively look for. His unique specialty of family history websites is especially in demand and requires a fine touch; and Mike has a deep grasp of how to present the rich nuances of a single family member, personal history or family history. His sites not only give us a warm personal introduction but link us to a wider network of resources and tools to advance our genealogical odyssey. Mike has an innate sensitivity for his subjects, not just by his natural talents as a dedicated father, son and husband but as the co-founder of an international nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering men and women around the world in self-sufficiency
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It is rare to find the combination of adroit handling of family histories and professionalism in one shop, and it is my pleasure to recommend Mike Huntsman as the best of both."  MARIE WOOLF

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After finding my Online Gathering Place, a distant cousin said, "I have been doing (family surname) family research for over 30 years. I live in Utah and I am also related to (common ancestor). I was impressed with your website."

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An Online Gathering Place™ is a truly amazing, productive, facinating place where families can access family history "stuff", such as ancestor mementos, photos, histories, books, and records. After establishing the first Online Gathering Place™, I began receiving inquiries from those interested in a specific family and specific ancestors. These people appreciated having access to information that had been unavailable or unaccessible to one person or to only a few people.

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An Online Gathering Place™ is a concept sought after by everyone who has experienced looking for family history treasures held by a distant family member. We will help you, not only have access to the treasures, but they will become more valuable to you than you ever imagined!

To illustrate this concept, think of a memento that you are aware of or maybe one that you have yet to discover. My father had a 30-30 rifle that he valued and which his uncle helped him obtain when he was young and during WWII when guns were not available because they were needed for the war. By putting a picture of the gun online, along with information about where it came from, how it was obtained, and who now has it, this memento is valued and appreciated and in a sense, "in the possession of" all family members.

Another example is contained in family photos. With each passing generation, the value of photos can disappear along with the relatives who know the names of those in photos. With an Online Gathering Place™ your family will upload and tag photos so that everyone will know who their ancestors are and what they look like.

An Online Gathering Place™ can enrich and bring your family together by putting all your family history photos and information in one place.

My daughter said to my wife, "Since I found out more about my great grandmother on our family Online Gathering Place ™, I have felt her with me." An Online Gathering Place™ can turn the hearts of your children to your ancestors by putting ancestor information in a place that is easily accessible."

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